22/02/2019 London. With over 800 ratings by over almost 300 MNOs, this years Customer Service Report is concluded. See below the TOP5 Vendors rated the highest by MNOs Globally.

Every time you buy something whether it’s a smartphone or a car, you make a decision about the kind of brands you want to support. Not all of our actions are that conscious, we don’t always think about the consequences of our buying decisions and what that means to how we will buy in the future.

When we buy from Vendors we do so with a high degree of consciousness. As we know from our Market Intelligence Reports, we want to know so many things before we make that choice and rightly so, because the kind of decisions we make may cost us a high degree of time, money or effort to change. On the flip side, becoming a Vendor and entering into this great industry of ours, comes with a lot of challenges, MNOs have predisposed ideas about what to expect from Vendors and sadly it’s not all positive. What’s clear is like any relationship, Vendors and MNOs have to find the right compatibility.

In the last 6 years ROCCO research has been offering Vendor Performance Reports and in so doing supporting MNOs with these important buying decisions, one of the major requirements of MNOs taking part in our research has been to understand how Vendors perform in the area of Customer Service.

Customer Service Report 2019

With most Vendors offering services internationally, Customer Service creates quite a few specific challenges. We all know the cultural differences, languages and local business customs make a universal plan for Customer service delivery pretty difficult for Vendors. Adapting and being flexible in delivering the diverse needs of MNOS is after all an inevitably in International business.

Taking the 184 Vendors of Roaming and Interconnect which we have in previous reports featured, we asked MNOs to rate them against 18 KPIS specific to Customer Service in three broad categories, Care, Capability and Quality.  MNOs were asked via social media, and our mailing list and given almost 1 year to complete a confidential survey to allow us to gather their perceptions and experiences.

The KPIS featured some important criteria, which are important to the optimal delivery of services as well as Vendors ability to delight customers. As we all know, clients loyalty to vendors has two important effects on a Vendors business, it allows them to upsell to those clients and also win new clients via recommendations – which as we know, in this small Roaming and Interconnect industry we have, views about Vendors go viral without much effort when MNOs meet and attend conferences and groups talk about their experiences.

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The Infographic below features the top Vendors according to MNOs during this years Customer Service research.

MNOs who took part in this research will shortly receive an exclusive Executive Summary Report of our findings featuring 68 Vendors. 

Regretfully while 184 Vendors were featured in the report, not all Vendors are ranked in our rating table, this is because there was not enough ratings from MNOs (minimum is 5). However what the research does do, as with all of our reports, is provided that we have at least 5 responses from MNOs about a Vendor, is allow for any Vendor large or small to appear in our reports. We want to encourage competition in the market and in so doing allow a good choice of Vendors to MNOs, so we actively encourage even the smallest Vendor to grow its business and compete.

Overall, Vendors should be recognised for a job well done, or incase they didn’t perform optimally, should have the ability to identify where they can improve. Even if they may not agree with the MNOs views here, they may have a second opinion into what’s important to MNOs.

Many thanks to all MNOs who took part in this research.