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Nothing is so consistent in the telecoms sector as change. Faster, better, stronger. Our zeal to consume more quality content, wherever we are in the world at a faster pace has turned us into an impatient crowd that stares at screens almost uninterruptedly and fidgets angrily at the smallest sign of a connection hiccup – thanks, 4G/LTE. But we all know that professionally and as businesses we need to start preparing ourselves for the next step.

ROCCO has been around since 2012 and from our conception we wanted to be a catalyst for innovation with Research that wasn’t biased, sponsored or for sale to the highest bidder. We believe and we hope you agree, research based on sales, or highly engineered research which is used to sell products is not serving anyone. There are too many questions to be answered in this industry without spending time reading sales pitches disguised as insights.

We create multiple types of reports on Roaming and Interconnect, we deliver training and consulting and together these offerings provide a rich foundation on which to wage strategic warfare. We are going to face multiple unimaginable scenarios, but we are going to face them with insights, clarity of direction and purpose in our armoury.


Dhiraj Wazir
Dhiraj is the CEO of ROCCO Strategy and one of the few subject matter experts in the Telecommunications field of Roaming & Interconnect. Dhiraj has spent over 18 years working on Roaming Wholesale, Product Management and Retail Propositions.
Dhiraj has had a broad remit, building his telecom career with the Hutchison group, T-Mobile, EE and BT before joining ROCCO. Dhiraj is based in London, UK.
Jason Bryan
Making Roaming work since 1995. Jason has worked for two Operator Groups, a small Operator and two industry vendors and is experienced in Strategy and Commercial decision-making. Jason has chaired GSMA Roaming Innovation Group and won four industry awards for Innovation and ideas. Jason spends his time between our UK and Spanish offices.
Nicole Segura
Nicole SeguraOperations Manager
From organising our events to planning and operational excellence. Berlin State Certified Commercial Assistant in foreign languages and HR undergraduate with an extensive background in Sales. Nicole is based at our Spanish office.
Desirée Fénix
Desirée FénixROCCO U Faculty
Desirée coordinates everything going on in ROCCO U Faculty, from managing the admissions’ office to our Virtual Campus. She studied Advertising and International Communication. She has experience promoting social equality and diversity, using theatre as a creative way of communicating ideas. Desirée is based at our Spanish office.
Antonio Rodríguez
Antonio RodríguezLead Researcher
With proven international research experience, Antonio is the Lead Researcher at ROCCO. Having an economics background, his main strength is based on linking business insights with academic debates related to the telecom sector. Antonio is based at our Spanish office.
Sibel Gazozcu
Sibel GazozcuRegional Director North America
Excellent International Roaming service set up for start-up. Negotiation skills & Communication skills. Organizing and project management. International Experience especially working in different countries within international environment. Based in New York, USA.
Andy Cheng
Andy ChengRegional Director Asia Pacific
Chartered professional (CEng MIET) with a specialization in mobile industry. Experienced engineering profession in making win-win cooperation with mobile operators around the globe, tier-1 international carriers and top-tier solution vendors.
Areas of experience covers 3G / LTE /IoT, Negotiation, Telecommunications, Relationship Enhancement, SIM/Mobile Devices, mobile fraud / security and project management. Based in Hong Kong.

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