Refine your Strategy for 2024 with ROCCO’s Annual Report

ROCCO has recently published The 24 Report, a comprehensive guide to the latest developments in the telecoms industry, including forecasts and strategic guidance.

January sees the fourth edition of ROCCO’s annual report, The 24 Report. This publication provides an overview of the milestones in the telecoms industry in 2023, derived from the findings of ROCCO’s research reports. Drawing on over 10 years of research and consultancy in the telecoms sector, ROCCO has the vision and expertise to help you navigate 2024. The insights and guidance contained in this report are particularly useful for those who believe that strategic thinking is fundamental to mitigating the uncertainties of the ever-changing telecoms landscape.

Which are the top performing vendors?

ROCCO’s annual report has always featured the Admiration Quads. These are competitor matrix models developed by the ROCCO Research team that analyse vendor performance in Roaming & Interconnect, Messaging and Fraud & Security. One of the key features of the Admiration Quads is that they are based on data from MNOs worldwide. This underlines ROCCO’s mission to provide research with neutrality as a cornerstone. In addition, the models feature a strategic discussion to help the reader understand the different prospects that vendors have in different niches. For mobile operators, this is an excellent guide to understanding which telecom vendors to watch. For vendors, the Admiration Quads provide a way to understand how they stack up against their competitors. Those familiar with ROCCO’s methodology are aware of the importance of being a Tier One vendor. This report contains a list of the Top 10 Vendors to Watch. These companies are not only recognised as excellent vendors by mobile operators, but they are also pushing the boundaries of our industry.

Which are the main industry trends?

2023 has brought several milestones in the areas of Roaming & Interconnect, Messaging and Fraud & Security. We have gathered a wide range of insights that will give you a thorough understanding of how the telecoms industry is evolving. Some of the questions covered include:

  • What are the key SMS firewall trends?
  • What do enterprises think about the future of A2P SMS?
  • What do MNOs think about the impact of consumer eSIM on Roaming?
  • What are the main barriers to operator investment in BCE?

The ROCCO Research team is aware of the digital transformation trends that are increasingly shaping the evolution of telecommunications. To gain a broader perspective, we have included a discussion of breakthroughs in areas such as artificial intelligence or low earth orbit satellites.

How will telecom services evolve in the coming years?

To answer this question, The 24 Report presents the Lifelines. These are a series of medium- and long-term forecasts for key services and technologies in the telecommunications sector. The aim is to illustrate where the industry is heading and how our clients can benefit from this information. With over 10 years of experience, ROCCO has amassed a vast amount of data which has been the primary source for calculating the Lifelines.

In short, ROCCO’s fourth annual report, The 24 Report, is an essential tool for navigating the telecoms industry in 2024. Based on over 10 years of research, it provides strategic insights into vendor performance, industry trends and the evolution of telecoms services. This concise and comprehensive report is essential for understanding the evolution of the telecoms industry and anticipating its future direction.

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