Welcome to a world of relevant research for the evolution of Roaming.

About ROCCO Research

ROCCO saves time and costs and helps MNOS and Vendors to make the right decisions with strategic insights. When you want to know the answer for certain, you have to do some research.

ROCCO is the Roaming and Interconnect Consulting Company, we’ve been helping businesses find out their strategic direction since we launched in 2012.

Our mission is to analyse Roaming behaviours, the Roaming processes which we follow and the ecosystem around us with the aim to improve our productivity as an industry. Our purpose is not to point fingers at specific faults but only to stimulate discussion, awareness of options and positive change. It’s time to evaluate where we are and understand where we can be, based on real data from our Industry. What new efficiencies can we create? How we can move processes forward to bring them to the best they can be? We believe the answers are out there.

Our Research has been used in meetings of GSMA and Total Telecoms as well as Operator Group and Alliance meetings to develop discussion and opinion and to make decisions about outsourcing options. But why do people like ROCCO Research in particular?

What’s unique about ROCCO:

  • Our completely unbiased and neutral role in the Industry ( Listen Up! We will never partner with a vendor or support a specific vendor as this would affect our neutrality)
  • Our wide experience of Roaming (we’ve worked for small Operators, Operator Groups and multiple Vendor types)
  • Our need to provide real Roaming Consultancy based on data and opinion and not just ideas

That’s why we believe we’re perfectly placed in the Industry to do the research that we’re doing.

The primary form of research that we are conducting is Roaming Surveys.


ROCCO Roaming Surveys

  • ROCCO Surveys run simultaneously via our Website and through the ROCCO Research call centre. You can find out more information about how we conduct our surveys at our About Our Roaming Surveys.
  • The opinions of our respondents are very important as they shape the survey results but also how we adapt the surveys for future use.
  • We repeat certain surveys annually to see the differences in the data and how processes and opinions are changing.
  • We look forward to sharing the results of ROCCO Surveys with anyone who is willing to take part in these surveys.


Why do we perform ROCCO Roaming Surveys?

  • We believe in factual information.
  • We want to help MNOs and Vendors to obtain neutral and detailed data that will help them to understand the suppliers performance and leadership.
  • Our clients want to understand the Vendor marketplace for Roaming based on global opinion.
  • We believe that the results of our Surveys is particularly of interest to the Vendors (where else in our industry can you find this neutrality and customer feedback).
  • It’s possible that our Survey results may help MNOs and Vendors to communicate more openly on key industry matters. Often Surveys “break the ice” on subject matters parties find difficult to discuss.


Our Confidentiality Mandate

Since we started ROCCO Research in 2013 ROCCO has received responses to our Surveys from more than 500 operators globally and we have worked with over 150 Vendors. It’s a real achievement for us and one that we are very proud of. It means we are trusted and respected for what we are doing in the industry and that people value the information we provide.

We know that in the completion of our surveys our respondees provide to use information which is valuable, confidential and unique to them. With Our Confidentiality Mandate we promise never to disclose the participants, or company details of our respondees.