In recent times, with the disruption seen from chat apps and other tech giants, it’s been suggested that Mobile Networks Operators (MNOs) are not the most innovative of companies. Having a history of working in MNOs and working with them, the team at ROCCO thinks differently.

For decades MNOs have been the ones working with or instructing the industry what is needed. They serve as a catalyst to change and often take the driving seat in standards innovation as well as developing solutions for themselves they just can’t find on the market.

Following on from ROCCO’s THE VENDOR INNOVATORS study where we ranked the top 50 most innovative vendors in our sector, it’s now time to recognise the MNO’s innovative solutions and the teams behind building them.

ROCCO IOO was all about recognising great people in our industry, recognising the people who make the Messaging, International Roaming, Interconnect & Fraud and Security world go round. It was greatly satisfying for us and brought us great insights.

This got us thinking … so if there are so many great people in our industry, it really must be bursting with new ideas and innovations. What about the innovative solutions that take place within MNOs? How do we find these unsung heroes? We want to recognise and celebrate them. And whilst we do that, reignite that spark our industry needs to put INNOVATION back on the centre stage.

Presentation timings: 

  • China telecom Global, CTExcel: 1:34
  • CKHIOD, Hutchison, QoS Wheel & Super SQI: 3:46
  • CKHIOD, Hutchison, Travel Recovery & Steering Optimisation: 5:20
  • CKHIOD, Hutchison, E2E Network Configuration: 6:48
  • Elisa Finland, Elisa Automate: 8:12
  • Ooredoo, Kuwait: Making Roaming Relevant to a Local Sim Buyer: 9:56
  • Rakuten Mobile, Roaming 360: 11:28
  • STC Kuwait, Unlimited Data Package: 13:12
  • Telecom26, IOT Networks for Digital Health Programmes: 14:42
  • Verizon, Omnichannel Trip Planner & ILD Guided Flow: 17:30
  • Verizon, Travelpass Bank: 18:41
  • Vodafone, Messaging Hub: 19:56

The nomination phase of The MNO INNOVATORS is very simple. Anyone in the Industry can nominate any Mobile Operator or Virtual Mobile Network Operator (including self-nomination) for an innovative solution that has been implemented in the sector of
• Messaging
• International Roaming
• Fraud and Security
• Interconnect

The solution must have been implemented in the last 3 years. It could be a new process, a new retail plan, a new service or even a new tool.

Here are the steps:
1. The nominator enters the survey. (the nominator can be an MNO/MVNO/vendor from the telecom industry).
2. They select the MNO and the Country of the MNO.
3. They then explain which Innovative Idea the Operator has had and in which sector.
4. They also provide information on why they think this is innovative.
5. They share if they can, a representative contact of the nominated MNO.
6. They provide their contact details in case ROCCO needs to check anything about the nominated innovation.
7. ROCCO then reaches out to the nominated MNO and informs them of the nomination, and requests further information which will be used in the voting and judging phase.
8. Should the MNO not provide this requested information, the nomination will be withdrawn and the specific innovation will not be taken forward to the next stage.

On the 20th November 2020 the nominations close and on the 1st of February 2021 voting will be begin.

Voting opens 18th February 2021

ROCCO will have gathered information about the Innovations and will share this information so that voters can judge the innovations on their merits.

Voters will be able to see the list of MNOs and their innovations and can vote for who they want.
o They will enter the Voting survey.
o They will select the innovation they think is the best, and rate it on various parameters.
o They will also provide a brief statement on why they think this is the best innovation.
o Although MNOs were allowed to nominate themselves, they however are not allowed to vote for themselves.

Then it’s over to ROCCO’s panel of judges to analyse the data.

(ROCCO employees including its directors are not eligible to nominate or vote).

The analysis stage runs between 1st March and 20th March 2021. The point of this stage is to rank the ideas according to the below two elements of their votes which hold equal importance in the overall ranking.

1) The ratings as voted by industry colleagues and stakeholders.
2) Ratings by a panel of independent judges.

The communication of the MNO Innovators will take place on May 20th 2021 online and through a report.
• The MNOs with the highest ranked solutions will be invited to take part in interviews and a photoshoot at a location and date to be determined.
• They will be invited to give key note speeches at Genesis on a date to be communicated.
• On May 20th 2021 the MNO Innovators report will be published showcasing all the best innovations we have received as ranked by you, our industry colleagues and the judges.