Assessing 5G SA Monetisation

Assessing the State of 5G SA Roaming Monetisation

ROCCO recently released the 5G SA Roaming Monetisation Strategy Report. Roaming is one of ROCCO’s core research areas. Over the years, operators worldwide have participated in ROCCO’s Roaming strategy studies. In the case of 5G Roaming, this is the fifth time that ROCCO has analysed this topic, with this edition focusing primarily on 5G SA. In terms of participation, this report includes feedback from 78 MNOs in 53 countries and the participation of BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, SecurityGen and Vodafone Carrier & Partner Services.

Insights into 5G SA Deployment: Operator Perspectives, Challenges, and Standards

Participant operators have shared information on their 5G SA deployment plans. There are several factors influencing this process, such as the availability of certain services (e.g. BCE) or support from equipment manufacturers. Given the importance that BCE will have in a 5G SA scenario, our report covers what operators see as the main barriers to investing in BCE. In addition, operators have explained what they see as the main opportunities and challenges of 5G SA. This information is crucial in understanding the pace of 5G SA adoption and, more importantly, how it is likely to evolve in the short term. As standards are an essential guide for MNOs working in 5G SA, this report includes a discussion of the latest developments in 5G SA monetisation standards. In addition, participating MNOs have shared their views on the current state of 5G SA industry standards.

5G SA Solutions: Vendors’ Insights, Market Trends, and Roaming Monetisation Strategy

This report also includes insights from vendors offering 5G SA solutions. As well as explaining their product portfolios in this area, these companies have shared key insights from their first-hand experience of 5G SA. For example, the report shows what the vendors’ customers are looking for in their 5G SA solutions or the challenges they face in delivering their solutions. In addition, vendors have explained the key market trends that will shape 5G SA in the coming years. The high expectations of enhanced technical features and new use cases will play a major role. Overall, this report is a guide for operators that want to know better what their fellow MNOs have experienced with 5G deployments and for vendors that want to address operators’ needs in 5G SA Roaming.

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