The Leading Vendors in SMS Monetisation 2024

ROCCO HQ London 19/03/24

Our research has been concluded, the results have been checked and verified and we are pleased to publish our latest report on SMS Monetisation Market Impact.

This year we have refined our research approach to provide a more comprehensive view of the SMS firewall space. In essence, the market impact approach combines insights from both MNOs and vendors. The vendor benchmarking approach has been maintained, but we have also interviewed 5 firewall vendors to share their views on SMS firewalls and discuss their product offerings.

What is covered in this market impact report?

  • Market insights from 273 MNOs in 118 countries who shared their views on the key aspects of SMS monetisation such as the most damaging types of fraud in SMS.
  • Vendor interviews with 5 SMS Firewall providers. In addition to explaining their product offering, these vendors have shared their views on SMS Firewall main developments.
  • Vendor Leaderboard showing the top SMS Firewall vendors according to MNO ratings based on ROCCO’s tiering system.

For the first time, ROCCO is releasing the add-ons, these are annexes that include complementary information about SMS firewall.

  • Vendor Benchmarking: Detailed analysis of vendor performance which contains all the KPIs, value indicators and ROCCO’s admiration quads. The ROCCO admiration quads are a unique competitor matrix models developed by ROCCO which are based on data from MNOs.

If you buy the Vendor Benchmarking, you can also buy these add-ons…

  • Regional Analysis: Analysis of vendor performance and MNO market insights from a regional perspective. Please note that the regions covered are influenced by the regional distribution of participant MNOs.
  • 5-Year Analysis: Analysis of vendor performance and MNO market insights from a regional perspective over the last 5 releases.

Please note that to get any of the add-ons it is required to purchase the Market Impact module.

This report is intended for operators who are considering purchasing SMS Monetisation services from vendors. With this information, operators can see what their peers really think about SMS Monetisation. Vendors also buy this report to use for competitive analysis and to see where they can improve their performance. It includes views on brand perception, which can be an important tool for vendor marketing departments to understand directly from MNOs whether their brand is top of mind when considering these services.

You can own this report here via credit card or Paypal or contact us at to pay by invoice. If you have never purchased from ROCCO before we will ask you to sign a brief “terms of use” agreement.

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