This Report contains 80+ Pages of data on the Customer Service perceptions based on 809 opinions from MNO on Vendors in the Telecoms market. Vendors were selected by MNOs, MNOs could talk about any Vendor they wanted. MNOs rated the Vendor and if we received over 5 responses on a Vendor we included them in this report.

  • Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the MNO’s for free)
    • Highlights from the Report
    • Vendor Ranking
  • The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:
    • Vendor by Vendor analysis across all the 18 KPIs and across 68 Vendors (from a possible 184 Vendors) chosen by MNOs: A1 Telekom Austria, Acision, Airtel Business, AMD Telecom, Araxxe, ARCH, Astelnet, BICS, BT, Cellusys, Centili,  Colt, Comfone, CS Networks, Dimoco, DT ICSS, EDCH, Ericsson, Etisalat, Fraudbuster, GMS, HGC, iBasis, Identitel, IDM, Infobip, IP Com, Latro, Lavastorm, McTel, Mobileum, Mobius, Monty Mobile, MTT, Nexmo, Nextgen, NTT Comms, Orange Wholesale, PCCW Global, Revector, RoamSmart, Roamsys, Route Mobile, SAP, Sevis, Silta, Sigos, Sinch (CLX), Tomia (Starhome MACH), Syniverse, Tanla, Tata Communications, Tayana, Tele2, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telefonica International Wholesale, Telenor Global Services Tele2, Telstra, Telia Carrier, Telintel, Teralight, Tieto, TNS, tyntec, WeDo Technologies, Yaana
    • including MNO quotes about them
    • With 18 KPIs on Customer Service

With 18 Customer Service KPIs

1. They are friendly and helpful
2. They are patient and listen to my needs
3. They spend the time with me that I deserve
4. We have a respectful working relationship
5. They provide consistent personnel who understand my business
6. When they change personnel, there is a smooth handover
7. They can quickly detect the cause of issues
8. They can quickly resolve issues
9. The first contact I speak with is able to resolve my issue
10. They take responsibility for issues they create
11. They keep their promises
12. They communicate clearly
13. They are well trained on their products and services
14. They speak or attempt to speak my language
15. They offer local support during my office hours
16. They meet face to face with me or offer events I can attend
17. They always give more than I expect
18. They have “The Wow Factor”


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