The MASTERMIND Challenge Summer 2018

As part of ROCCO RADIO, we are pleased to announce the MasterMind Challenge. We seek the first 5 CEO’s, C-Level representatives or Directors who write to us at to take our Mastermind Challenge Summer 2018.

The rules are simple:

  • The point of the Mastermind Challenge is to promote great minds and thought leaders in our industry and is a fun challenge on serious and interesting topics.
  • We record a podcast with the first 5 people (CEO’s, C-Level or Directors) who write to us confirming they wish to take the Mastermind Challenge. We will send a message confirming who they are and that our 5 challengers have been found.
  • We arrange a podcast interview with them, we put them in the hot seat, asking 9 tough and unknown questions on Telecoms. The person in the hot seat chooses 3 topics from the following topics: 5G, Blockchain, Messaging, eSIM, Internet of Things, Fraud & Security, Roaming etc.
  • The questions don’t always have a fixed answer, they will require hypothetical or strategic responses demonstrating a good knowledge on the topic, but the person in the hot seat has to answer all the questions well to meet the challenge.
  • The Challenge will last 20 minutes.
  • We will post the 5 podcasts in a single week, from Monday to Friday on LinkedIn in June 2018.
  • The person who scores the most ‘likes’ within a two week period on LinkedIn following the posts, wins the challenge and receives apart from fame and glory a special ROCCO prize.

Sign up here


  • Q: Can I know the questions beforehand?
  • A: Of course not. Spontaneity is the key here.
  • Q: Will I get to choose the questions I want?
  • A: You can choose the topics, we will choose the questions.
  • Q: Can my company sign off on the podcast before its released?
  • A: The podcast is for fun, incase you think you will have to restrict your answers, please don’t participate, this is going to be an unscripted podcast and will be a really interesting recording to listen to. The point is dynamic journalism. We promise your brand will only be helped by participating.
  • Q: Will we discuss any sensitive topics?
  • A: We will not publish anything which names people, brands or companies in a negative light, or any sensitive or confidential information.
  • Q: When will it happen?
  • A: If you are in the 5 challengers we will contact you to arrange a time to record the podcast.