The MASTERMIND Challenge Summer 2018

As part of ROCCO RADIO, we are pleased to announce the MasterMind Challenge.

We are excited to announce, our first 5 contestants have been named, their mastermind challenges have been completed and the competition will begin next week!

The 5 Contenders are:

  • Barna Kutvolgyi – Managing Director at JT (Jersey Telecom)
  • Dean Bubley – Founder and Director at Disruptive Analysis
  • Öykü Mengenli – The Director of Roaming for Mobileum
  • Rami Avidan – CEO Tele2 IoT
  • Roee Froman – Director, Product Management and Global Presales at Starhome Mach

The Podcasts will be published one on every day next week on LinkedIn in. Look here for more information. 

Voting instructions will be sent next week about how you can vote for your favourite Mastermind Contestant! 

Our Mastermind approach:

  • The point of the Mastermind Challenge is to promote great minds and thought leaders in our industry and is a fun challenge on serious and interesting topics.
  • We arrange a podcast interview with them, we put them in the hot seat, asking 9 tough and unknown questions on Telecoms. The person in the hot seat chooses 3 topics from the following topics: 5G, Blockchain, Messaging, eSIM, Internet of Things, Fraud & Security, Roaming etc.
  • The questions don’t always have a fixed answer, they will require hypothetical or strategic responses demonstrating a good knowledge on the topic, but the person in the hot seat has to answer all the questions well to meet the challenge.
  • The Challenge will last 20 minutes.
  • We will post the 5 podcasts in a single week, from Monday to Friday on LinkedIn in June 2018.
  • The most liked podcast wins a special prize.

Thanks for listening to ROCCO RADIO.