ROCCO is working on a high-profile project where specialists are needed. By sharing their knowledge and proving their skills the specialists will be identified as experts in their specific field.

We are seeking specialists who are ready to do something different and are looking for an opportunity to communicate their vision and their work methodology. Maybe you’re a consultant or specialist product manager in a vendor, we are open to hearing from you. The key areas we are interested in at this moment are:

  • Interoperator Tariff Negotiations

  • 5G Roaming

  • NB-IoT Roaming

However, other specialists in different fields of Roaming and Interconnect could also contact us if they are interested in getting to know more about this project.

To take part in this project specialists need to be available to invest time on it and their own working equipment so they are able to work remotely. Previous experience doing presentations will also be very valuable since we want them to be able to share their point of view in the topics that they are experts in.

If you consider that you have the skills and you are ready for a new challenge then email us to one of the following addresses and we will provide you with more information about this new project: