The long awaited results of our 3 simultaneous surveys for Enterprises, Vendors and MNOs have finally been analysed and presented in our Messaging Strategy Report 2018.

The messaging organism has expanded over the last decade, providing numerous possibilities for communication: A2P SMS, Mobile Wallets, RCS, Chat Apps (aka OTTs), Push messaging, Chat Bots… the list goes on, and so does the imagination when it comes to directly engaging with clients and capturing their attention. However, the practical possibilities tested in reality can be limited. Actions speak louder than buzzwords and in this report we see past the chaotic excitement with some raw data.

It does seem some times like Vendors are in a tough position here, they have to compete, they have to balance the relationship of all parties. Omni channel isn’t so much of a choice as it may seem. Some messaging is clearly more profitable than others, some more feature rich, some more developed or simply just more available.

The Background to this report

If SMS is the mother of all messaging which are the offspring that are bold enough to take over the family business..

This is the second time we have completed market research on Messaging. We completed extensive research on Omnichannel last year in our A2P SMS and Mobile Engagement Market Intelligence Report 2017 we have also completed 7 other reports focussed on SMS specifically. Including our annual A2P SMS and SMS Firewall Vendor Performance reports. Our latest A2P SMS Vendor Performance Research starts on the 16th April.

ROCCO designed the 3 confidential survey’s.  Since the surveys were not sponsored by anyone and ROCCO is a neutral company, ROCCO also sells an extended version of the report to all parties who are always interested in understanding this evolving business sector.

Messaging Strategy Report 2018

Between February 2018 and March 2018 we asked Enterprises, MNOs and Vendors globally to give us their perceptions of Messaging. The results were very revealing with some MNOs perceiving a much higher price than others.

  • All companies who contributed to the report will shortly receive the Executive Summary version of the report for their review.
  • The Strategic Analysis version of the report is also available to buy from ROCCO by following the link below. Or counts as 1 points using our Report Points System.
  • ROCCO’s Subscription customers will immediately receive the Strategic Analysis version of the report.

ROCCO Also produces a Unlimited Distribution license for the report for companies wishing to share to other companies.

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