“We are in an age of messaging revolution and everyone wants to know just what they can do to communicate better”.

Would you like to know how Enterprise businesses around the world are using messaging and how the future of messaging is likely to develop?

We are ROCCO and we just launched a large scale investigation into messaging. For four years we have been conducting independent and neutral Research into messaging. We are writing to you not to sell you anything, or to add you to a mailing list, but simply to ask you to give your views in a short confidential survey we are conducting about the messaging ecosystem.

Please click here to complete the short survey

Why should Enterprises take part in this research? 

They receive a free report containing:

  • Awareness of which messaging services Enterprises, Vendors and Mobile Operators are working on and when
  • Ability to give feedback on what Messaging needs you have or are missing today
  • To hear from a neutral source what the benefits and challenges are with different messaging types

You can also feel assured that ROCCO is, and has always been, a neutral company, we don’t use sponsors for our research and all participants in our research are verified and checked prior to including their data in our reports. Our verification processes have become very sophisticated and substantial resource time is taken to always ensure clean results.

We have established a directory of 78 Vendors of Messaging solutions, and have worked with over 350 Mobile Network Operators and our reports are purchased by many of the biggest international Enterprise brands worldwide including several social media networks.

If you are an Enterprise customer already using, or contemplating using a messaging platform, we would really value your contribution to this research.

Once the research is complete all participating companies will receive a free Executive Summary of the findings across all 3 surveys (Enterprise, MNOs and Vendors).

In the summary, ROCCO will share new perspectives, strategic insights, uncover new trends, and reveal all the options available across the messaging market, helping you -the Enterprise company to make more informed and innovative decisions about your messaging strategy for 2018.

When can you get your Executive Summary?

The survey closes on February 16th. Results will be in for Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2018, giving you some extra insights in time for your meetings in Barcelona or beyond. If you want to see more about our research please See our Reports page for more details