While we all recognise that SMS is the mother of all messaging, which are the offspring that have inherited the skills to take over the family business?

Launching today 3 new messaging surveys. One for Enterprises (companies using messaging), one for MNOs (Mobile Operators) and one for Vendors (Aggregators, Hubs). This represents the largest scale investigation into messaging strategy we have seen conducted in our industry.

Here are the surveys, something for everyone

All companies who take part receive a free Executive Summary of our findings across all 3 surveys. Showing the strategic direction of Vendors, MNOs and Enterprises. Which results are you expecting to see?

All participates will be verified and checked prior to including their data in the report. Our verification processes have become very sophisticated and substantial resource time is taken to ensure clean results.

The Who and Why

ROCCO is neutral. We don’t partner with any other business to create these messaging reports. Our surveys are known around the world for being some of the most unique and insightful studies into the position today about services. See our Reports page for more details

For 4 years we have been conducting messaging related research. We have established a directory of 78 Vendors of Messaging solutions, we have worked with over 350 MNOs and our reports are purchased by several of the biggest international Enterprise brands worldwide including several social media networks.

We are in an age of messaging revolution and everyone wants to know just what they can do to communicate better.

What we are investigating

We are asking about all the messaging options on the market today. We pick up on the buzz around A2P RCS and Chat Bots but we also want to uncover why are these two services likely to proceed where others have not.

When can you get your Executive Summary

The survey closes at midnight GMT on the February 15th. Results will be in for Mobile World Congress 2018. So that you can have some extra insights in time for your meetings in Barcelona or beyond.

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