Preorder the A2P SMS Market Impact Report MNO & Enterprise Editions

ROCCO HQ London 09/06/23

ROCCO will release the A2P SMS Market Impact Reports MNO & Enterprise Editions 2023 in the upcoming weeks, do not miss the opportunity of getting additional insights.

This year we are offering a preorder offer for our A2P SMS reports (both MNO & Enterprise Editions), the promotion includes:

  • The Market Impact Report, that contains 100+ pages of analysis into the main providers in the A2P SMS market.
  • The Vendor interviews in which 9 A2P SMS providers have explained their offering and shared their views about the main trends in A2P SMS.
  • Market Insights in which MNOs and enterprises have shared key insights such as main challenges in A2P SMS or top requirements.
  • The Vendor Benchmarking add-on, that includes all the KPIs scores, the Value Indicators, and the Admiration Quads (ROCCO competitor matrix model).

If you order any of these reports before the 22nd of June you will get one add-on for free (valued at £650). You can choose between the 5-Year Analysis which features vendor benchmarking and market insights over the last 5 issues. Also, you can select the regional analysis which shows the latest results in vendor benchmarking and market insights from a regional perspective.

Over the years, ROCCO has published several reports on A2P SMS, based on feedback from both operators and enterprises, while maintaining our neutral approach. Our vision is to foster an environment where industry stakeholders can know transparently what Enterprises and MNOs think about the SMS Aggregators in the market. By prioritising the security, transparency, and trustworthiness of SMS services in our report KPIs, we aim to provide readers with a view of seamless and reliable SMS experiences, while promoting fair competition and maintaining the integrity of the telecoms industry. We quote what companies say verbatim and always have since we started our research in 2015. Discover the companies that create integrity in the SMS space.

Preorder the A2P SMS Messaging Market Impact Report – MNO Edition

Preorder the A2P SMS Messaging Market Impact Report – Enterprise Edition

You can own these reports here via credit card or Paypal or contact us at to pay by invoice. If you have never purchased from ROCCO before we will ask you to sign a brief “terms of use” agreement.

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