VoLTE Vision: Roaming and Interconnect

12.10.2021 ROCCO VoLTE Vision Roaming and Interconnect Research 2021 begins

This month marks the 5th year since we started thinking about VoLTE and the MNOs Vision for Roaming and Interconnect. Our unique reports dedicated to the investigation of VoLTE since 2016 has provided many board rooms with strategic direction valuable to assessing VoLTE Roaming and Interconnect.

Our reports contains the strategic direction of hundreds of MNOs on VoLTE Roaming and Interconnect.


If you’re an MNO interested to take part in this research for 2021. Please contact HQ@ROCCO.GROUP for the survey link. Or sign up to the mailing list to receive it through our mailings.

Our reports are created neutrally, sponsored only by ROCCO, enabling us to directly ask the questions we want and receive and publish the responses verbatim from the MNO and Vendors who took part.

MNOs can take part in other research and receive similar free Executive Summary reports from ROCCO.

ROCCO is a company who chose to be neutral

In the 4 years we have been providing ROCCO Research we have acquired the participation of 500+ Operators and we think this is because of the trust we have developed with our networks and long lasting relationships with MNOs. We provide something for free to MNOs for sharing with us their views and they have many thoughts to share!

We will leave you with some Insights from our report from 2016… take part to find out how its going in 2021.