SIM BOX Detection Vendor Benchmarking Research 2021 Begins

06/05/2021 London ROCCO is pleased to announce a new Research Project for Operators. For the 4th year we will repeat our SIM Box Detection Vendor Performance Research.

The Sim Box Detection Research Project has been requested by several MNOs over the last year. The survey is open for an extended period closing on the July 1st 2021.

By now many operators have sought the support of Vendors in the detection of SIM Box activity in their network. With the help of Industry specialists we have devised this survey which asks important questions about the efficiency of the revenue tools, return on investment and performance in general of the Vendors. How long does it take Vendors to detect SIM Boxes? Which Provider delivers to the best solution?

Take the Survey here

There are 18 Vendors offering SIM Box Detection solutions that we are aware of, any MNO can add additional Vendors incase they want while taking the survey. This Research will commence on 6th May 2021 and conclude on July 1st 2021.

Like always, we always share our findings with the Operators who take part, so if you complete this survey you will receive a free Executive Summary of all the aggregated feedback from all the Operators taking part. The survey is open for a short time with the report expected in June 2018.

Thank you for participating in ROCCO Research.