Launch: MNO Decommissioning Directory

4th July 2019 London  / ROCCO Research launches the MNO Decommissioning Directory, a long term project which will uncover rare data about the future of roaming.

ROCCO works with 500+ Mobile Operators on its research every year for the past 5 years. With this industry role established today, ROCCO has now published a new survey on MNO Decommissioning as requested by MNOs.

The purpose of the 5 minute survey is to establish:

  1. MNOs to share through ROCCO their status on the Decommissioning of their 2G and 3G networks. Naturally this is hugely important data to MNOs since the decommissioning of a network may also mean the loss of roaming services.
  2. The survey also asks in light of the potential loss of voice services when a decommissioning occurs, what the fallback will be for voice services.
  3. The survey also asks when a decommissioning occurs, what networks you will use for m2m / IoT.
  4. Finally the survey takes an opportunity to uncover the status of LTE, VoLTE, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M Roaming launches.

The directory will be produced by ROCCO, the results will be circulated to all MNOs who take part at no cost on a quarterly basis. ROCCO will actively work with all MNOs to encourage participation and sharing of the data.

Take the survey  

You can use the QR Code above to answer the survey by mobile device by scanning the code the camera of your device

ROCCO actively encourages MNOs to participate and support us in bringing this data together.

The first version of the directory will be shared on September 1st 2019. For MNO Groups wishing to share their data or for any questions please contact ROCCO at HQ@ROCCO.GROUP.