Following a number of requests from Industry players including MNOs and Vendors. ROCCO has started to engage MNOs and Vendors in research studies about MOBILE ENGAGEMENT. The research will run from 12th January until 12th February 2017. The Report will be published at the end of February.

The Research project has three key objectives

  • To help generate awareness of the MNOs and Vendors in the market (we intend to create a directory of the Vendors) who offer MOBILE ENGAGEMENT Solutions
  • To help educate MNOs and Vendors about the opportunities coming from working with these MOBILE ENGAGEMENT Vendors (promotion of the solutions and vendors)
  • To provide insights into the market and projections about the future opportunities (we want to report on what opportunities there may be in this market)

As a result ROCCO is putting together a truly comprehensive MOBILE ENGAGEMENT Market Intelligence Report and if you are an MNO with a MOBILE ENGAGEMENT solution or a Vendor specifically offering solutions around MOBILE ENGAGEMENT we would very much value and appreciate your input. We hope that you see this is an opportunity to get visibility of your solutions.

To take part simply contact ROCCO at to get the instructions and take the interview.