The best way to predict the future is to invent it – Alan Kay

01/09/2016 London. ROCCO Research Launches “The Innovators” a major research initiative to understand which Roaming and Interconnect Vendors are Innovating our market for the better according to the views of the MNO community they serve.

Click here to take the survey: The Innovators 2016

About this Research Programme

Over the last 4 years ROCCO has had a simple goal, to study where we are today within the Roaming and Interconnect Industry and to try and support that industry in its future development. As the MNO and Vendor communities know too well, technology is developing at an incredible pace (5G, IoT, eSIM) and yet still some of the ways which we deliver these technologies are extremely costly, inefficient and even harmful to the future success of the industry (Roaming Bill Shock, Communication alternatives).

As a compliment to our recent Customer Service Report published in June this year, from September to December 2016 ROCCO will conduct a short survey (18 KPIS) for MNOs. ROCCO asks MNOs to inform us of which Vendors aren’t and which are innovating the market. All Vendors will be included who have previously featured in ROCCO Research and the goal is to receive ratings around a Vendors “Innovation” abilities. In return for their efforts MNOs who take part, will receive an exclusive Executive Summary of the results, ranking all Vendors. 

Often the associations and forums we attend are reactive to the challenges of the day and playing a waiting game to see when solutions will be found. As we said in our Customer Service Research report, this is not about pointing fingers at Vendors who lead and follow, more to raise the question about how much we innovate in our industry and whether MNOs expect more in this specific area.

Thank you for your participation.