Buy from Vendors with CONFIDENCE

Sometimes when you go to the marketplace, you can’t easily determine which is the best Vendor to buy from.  Often there are so many vendors shouting at you all saying they’re the best, you cannot know which truly are the ones which will support your business well and the process of changing vendors in always a big problem.

We can also see that some Research companies in the industry today offer vendors the opportunity to appear highly in their reports for a fee and they also offer them sponsorship opportunities for research reports. But as an ex MNO its always been clear to us, and as all the MNOs in the industry know:

It never makes any sense for Vendors to buy good ratings in reports, or to sponsor research studies where they just sell their services. 

If you’re an MNO you know vendors will do anything to beat the competition except contemplate where they can improve. The biggest vendors are not always the right vendors. The generalist approach where some of your services are white labelled is fine but MNOs don’t always want to put all their outsourcing to a single vendor, as much as vendors might want that. MNOs seek reliability, trust and flexibility, which all happen to be some of the KPIs featured in ROCCO research.

ROCCO research is research designed by MNOs, which provides reports into all of the important Vendors and compares the market for you based on the feedback of Operators. Check out our latest reports to uncover which vendors are really supported by the MNO community.