This Strategic Report contains 80+ Pages of Analysis into all the providers in the market.

  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed comparison of all the providers in the market in over 30+ Key Performance Indicators defined by Operators
    • Leadership
    • General Performance
    • Performance on Key aspects
  • Key Challenges in the market
  • Where the market is going, what new developments are needed
  • Strategic summary by ROCCO management team

The party purchasing this report is receiving a Single Use license, additional licenses may be purchased at a reduced price and an Unlimited Distribution license is also available.

16 Vendors are rated in the report by MNOs, there are three featured vendors in this report which have received detailed ratings Cellusys, Mobileum, Tomia.

The report is sent by email after payment has been received. The party purchasing will be subject to a Terms of use agreement, in the case it is the first time they have purchased from ROCCO.

Subject to VAT for Uk Businesses.