This report is available from 27th February 2017 and contains all the regulation status up to that date including FUP Strategy etc

This Strategic Analysis Report contains 40+ Pages of feedback from interviews with 30 EU full MNOs in 26 of the 28 Member States and Industry Analysis on the latest EU Roaming Regulation 2015/2020.

Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the MNOs who took part in the research for free)

  • Highlights from the Report
  • EU MNO feedback
  • Reporting on the Current EU Regulation

The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:

MNOs perspective:

  • Contents, About the Authors, Introduction, The Objective of this Report, What are the EU Roaming Regulations, The Current EU Roaming Regulation, The History of EU Roaming Regulation
  • The MNOs Perspective:
  • The MNO represented in this report,
  • BEREC Interaction

Implementation Strategy:

  • MNOs Implementation date of the EU Regulation 2020/2015,
  • Methods of implementation of the EU Roaming Regulation 2020/2015,
  • Bundling,
  • Opt-In, opt-out,
  • About the EEA,
  • Non-EEA countries,
  • Position on UK Exit from the EU,
  • Restriction on the RLAH tariff plan,
  • What Restrictions MNOs will apply,
  • FUP (Fair Usage Policy) and RLAH tariffs,
  • MNOs application of a Fair-Use Policy (FUP),
  • Permanent Roaming

Impacts on the Wholesale Market: 

  • Impacts on the Wholesale Roaming Market Overview,
  • Impact of new services on the wholesale roaming market,
  • EU Roaming Regulation and IOT Discount Strategy,
  • Revenue Commitments,
  • Send or Pay Commitments,
  • Volume Commitments,
  • Special surcharge to sustain the domestic charging model

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