This report is available from 6th December 2022 and contains a thorough discussion of strategic aspects related to 5G Roaming. This publication is a perfect guide for Roaming teams that are planning to implement 5G SA or 5G NSA. Also, vendors can understand better what challenges MNOs are currently facing and how they can support them. The Strategic Analysis version of this report contains feedback from 78 MNOs across 53 countries and the participation of BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, SecurityGen and Vodafone Carrier & Partner Services.


Considering the increasing relevance of 5G Roaming, this publication addresses the following questions:

  • When MNOs estimate that they will launch 5G NSA & 5G SA Roaming?
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities of 5G SA Roaming for MNOs?
  • Which enterprise sectors have the biggest interest in 5G SA Roaming?
  • What MNOs think about BCE and its implementation?
  • How MNOs see vendors supporting them for 5G Roaming?
  • What solutions for 5G SA are vendors offering?
  • What challenges are vendors facing in the delivery of 5G Roaming SA solutions?


The 5G race is ongoing and the opportunities derived from 5G Roaming are emerging. This report is a guide for operators that want to know better what their fellow MNOs have experienced with 5G deployments and for vendors that want to address operators’ needs in 5G Roaming.


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