The Birth of SMS

Written and presented by James Williams

This is the first in a series of podcasts looking at the wider area of Mobile Messaging and Mobile Engagement, a key pillar of which today still is SMS.  We aim to help you understand what it’s all about and we’ll be looking at the clear benefits on so many levels a coherent Mobile Engagement strategy brings with it. And this is a topic relevant to all organisations and indeed every person globally. No matter an organisation’s size, from single person entities through to conglomerates and government related organisations employing hundreds of thousands of people, whether for profit or non-profit, all can benefit greatly.


Introduction to A2P SMS

Written and presented by James Williams

In the second episode we will be talking to you about what Application-2-Person SMS (A2P SMS) is, what it’s used for, how appropriate timing of the sending of content and having clean channels play important roles in its uptake, as well as why we continue to see growth in volumes globally, even though many new channels have gained traction. 


Written and presented by James Williams

Over the next few minutes I will be talking to you about the structure of the Application2Person SMS – A2P SMS –  industry.

What kinds of organisations are active in both the Wholesale and Enterprise domains. And what changes are afoot and how this will shape the industry in the years to come. Stay with us. I will be giving you some facts I personally have picked up on my travels through the industry


Written and presented by James Williams

During this programme, the last in the current series, we’ll be having a look at Mobile Network Operators specifically and what they are doing and indeed, in my opinion, should be doing where A2P SMS is concerned. Most operators have a really nice, strong brand presence that can be leveraged in this area.

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