Well Connected tells the story of people from our industry. We will feature interviews with MNOs as well as Vendors. We try to reveal lessons learned and interesting insights from people who have an interesting story to tell.




In her interview Vedrana tells us about her role in Stemi (learning by creating), a place where people are encouraged to create new things such as their Hexapod Robot, where you can literally build your own robot, Learning how to assemble it and how to create a mobile application with which you can control it.


Mr Connectivity talks Mobile Engagement

After 1 year of ROCCO RADIO we present our latest Well Connected podcast featuring James Williams from Mr Connectivity. In his podcast James tells us about his long career in Telecoms as well as a wealth of knowledge in the Mobile Engagement sector.


From Telia to Twilio

As Pontus says in his own words… He’s more of a revolutionary than an evolutionary. From Telia to Twilio we finally got to sit down and hear about the career path of one of our industries well known Telecoms gurus. Pontus Berg CEO of Bergatrollet. From the early days of Roaming to the current telecoms climate.


From Apple to Brinc.io the Betabay Story

Bay is known as BetaBay because of his passion for testing new technologies and always trying to improve himself. Bay is a leader in the world of startups and has built his career by helping startup ideas come to life. Reading his career story from Apple to Brinc.io I thought the telecoms community who listen to our podcasts would like to hear his story. In his interview Bay discusses his days in Apple and their Entrepreneurship Evangelism Channel, his roles in various start-up companies and how Brinc.io is helping evolve the amazing world of Internet of Things.



In 2008 Stephen Ornadel led innovative changes to the International standards for fraud prevention for MNOs, engaging MNOs globally and the whole vendor community to embrace stricter measures for fraud prevention which today have become ubitquitous globally. It was a great pleasure therefore to get the whole career story from Steve, from his first days as a mobile operator in TMobile, through his career in Telcordia and iconectiv to his current role today as Vice President of Business Development at Mobileum. Providing insights on Fraud prevention today, MNP, eSIM, the future of telecoms, and the advanced analytics of Mobileum, it’s always a great pleasure to hear his wisdom.



In this weeks well connected we’re in Dubai with Tom Noel, MD of the International Division of JT Global.Over the 13 years we have watched JT evolve, they have gone from being a small telecoms operator in the Channel Islands to being a truly international wholesale provider to all kinds of businesses globally. So it was great pleasure that we got to know one of the people whom is part of that driving force in innovation at JT Global, Tom Noel. From IoT, to messaging and beyond its clear there’s no stopping JT Global.


Interesting insights into Consolata‘s career story, Telecoms in Nigeria and Women in Tech 

ROCCO had the real pleasure a few weeks ago to catch up one of our industries chief Roaming atchitects and specialists. Global Wholesale and Partnership Executive for Roaming, SMS, WiFi and Voice at Glo Nigeria. Consolata Ugboko.

In her interview, Consolata talks about how she got into telecoms, her personal view on the telecoms market in Africa and shares interesting insights into what it’s like to build a roaming team from nothing.


Interesting insights into UROS Group, Roaming and Telecoms Transformation with Jerry Raatikainen

Recently we met with the Jerry Raatikainen! C.E.O. of UROS Finland. Swedish and a fan of Rock and Roll he is a real personality and shared with us his insights on UROS’s work on the Internet of Things, eSIM and of course the great work that he and the UROS team have done on Roaming Bill Shock providing global 4G Internet Access for International Travellers with the Goodspeed Hotspot and the Goodspeed apps on ZTE devices.


Interesting insights into Mobile Engagement in the African market with Hannah Metcalfe of Viamo

Recently we were truly inspired by our Well Connected interview with Hannah Metcalfe Country Manager – Tanzania and Kenya at Viamo – changing lives via mobile. What Hannah’s role is and what her background and personal goals showed us that theres truly a strong and important role for mobile engagement in Africa even without a smartphone, especially for people who genuinely want to change lives.


Interesting insights into AI, the GC Index and diversity and inclusion with Vicky Sleight, Perfect Ltd

It is always a great pleasure to interview people with passion, ambition and intelligence and Vicky Sleight expresses all of these proclivities with real personality. In this podcast we talk to Vicky about her career in Telecoms, working for BT Cellnet, Motorola and the GSMA and how now as an entrepreneur via her company Perfect Ltd, Vicky is taking on important diversity and inclusion challenges in our industry. Talking about artificial intelligence, the GC Index and Connected Women, in this podcast Vicky really makes you think about what more we can do to make our businesses more successful by embracing a diverse workforce.


Interesting insights into Digicel Group, Roaming and Telecoms Transformation with Alex Pereira

This weeks Well Connected was recorded in Montego Bay Jamaica where ROCCO was  invited to present and hold workshops with the MNO team at the 10th Digicel International Business Forum. While we were there we had the opportunity to catch up Group Head of Roaming, A2P and IoT at Digicel Group, Alex Pereira. In his interview, Alex talks about his career in telecoms, the impacts of Hurricane Irma and shares interesting insights into telecoms transformation, employing new revenue streams with Mobile Engagement and the Internet of Things.


Interesting insights into Fraud management of Direct Carrier Billing

Whether your talking about clickjacking remedies, bots detection, in-app malware detection or carrier billing. Blockfraud is a company that can claim that they truly combat fraud since its really their companies brandname.

In his interview with James Williams, Massimo Cristini shares interesting insights into the world of Carrier Billing fraud and his telecoms career.  


Interesting insights from the creator of the Roaming Handbook

In this months Podcast we have Sibel GazozcuChief Regulatory Officer at Trawell Data Services Inc. giving us insights into her telecoms journey and how she created the Roaming Handbook.


Interesting insights on Africa and device evolution

In this months Podcast we have Debbie Wilkins, General Manager Africa giving us insights into her telecoms journey, the evolution of mobile devices in Africa and her new role in UROS.