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LANCK Telecom offers global voice, messaging, and fraud protection services utilizing vast expertise and cutting edge know-how.

Founded in 2001, LANCK Telecom carries voice and SMS traffic worldwide on our own network of international gateways located in the USA, throughout Europe, the CIS, Africa, and Asia.

LANCK’s real-time fraud protection tools enable carriers to efficiently fight IRSF, PRS, robocalls, spamming, spoofing, SMiShing, and other types of fraud.

The list of LANCK’s partners includes over 1,000 companies. No matter if you are a small calling card provider or a multinational mobile carrier, you will be satisfied with service that we offer.

Contact Information
Company Information
Products & Services:
  • A2P RCS
  • A2P SMS
  • Alternative Roaming Provider
  • International Revenue Share Fraud Prevention
  • IPX Data Roaming
  • Messaging
  • OTT Bypass Prevention
  • Roaming Hub Provider
  • Signalling Firewall
  • Sim Box Detection
  • SMS Firewall
  • SS7 Signalling
Head Office Location: 78 SW 7th Street, Suite 500, Miami, FL 30130, USA
78 Southwest 7th Street suite 500, Miami, FL, USA
Year Founded: LANCK Telecom
No. of Employees: 51-200

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