The ROCCO Vendor directory is a service that ROCCO offers on its website with the purpose of allowing MNOs and Vendors finding each other.

Below are some important points of interest and conditions related to the vendor directory and its use:

  1. ROCCO is a neutral company: We do not endorse or support any specific Vendor. We offer the above information to support MNOs and Vendors in finding each other and providing a definitive list of Vendors.
  2. ROCCO is not responsible for any of the data provided on the websites of the suppliers listed in the vendor directory.
  3. ROCCO is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information provided on the directory. ROCCO offers both paid and free options so that companies can ensure the information is accurate themselves and still avail of this service.
  4. If a vendor does not wish for their company to be listed on the ROCCO vendor directory then they should email to request it be removed.
  5. All new vendor listings and edits (both free and paid upgrades) will be revised by ROCCO in order to ensure accuracy and that they fit with the ROCCO standard.
  6. ROCCO reserves the right to alter or eliminate vendor listings if it does not feel they are correct, or if they go against ROCCO standard.
  7. Any company that gets reviewed in one of our reports as a Tier 1 vendor in the last year will get the Tier 1 tag in our vendor directory.