European Union roaming regulations (sometimes called the Eurotariff) regulate the imposition of roaming charges within the European Union. They regulate both the charges a mobile network operator can impose on its subscribers for using telephone and data services outside of the network’s member state, and the wholesale rates networks can charge each other to allow their subscribers access to each other’s networks.

Interesting how after 10 years of Roaming Regulation the June 2017 abolition of Roaming has finally brought the end of Roaming charges. Only time will tell if and when Neelie Kroes view of an EU with increased productivity will start to emerge. It seems already that many more EU citizens feel freer than ever before to use roaming.

“Some industry sceptics may say roaming is dead, but infact Roaming in the EU is more alive than ever and the networks, processes and vendors which support it, far more important”.

The History of the EU Roaming Regulation

In this first episode, we recap up on the long history of the EU Roaming Regulation. As you can see from the Price Caps below the Regulation has been progressing for over 10 years. It’s a story of trial-and-error-by-the European commission, in trying to get Roaming pricing down across the 28 EU member states, that has eventually led to the first ever mass abolition of roaming pricing in the world starting in June 2017.

The EU Regulations Fair Use Policies

In this second episode, we review the latest EU Roaming Regulation Fair Use Policies. What might appear to be a simple regulation is infact quite complex and has a few surprising features both for MNOs and their subscribers.

EU Regulation Surcharges and Coverage

In this third episode, we review the latest EU Roaming Regulation Surcharges Policy and we will uncover why some places outside of Europe are also covered by the EU Roaming Regulations. What might appear to be a simple regulation is infact quite complex and has a few surprising features both for MNOs and their subscribers.

The Map below shows all the EU Member States Overseas territories which are also included in the EU Roaming Regulation… did you know you can Roam Like at Home from the Caribbean?

Roaming Regulations: The Non EU Perspective

In this fourth episode, we review the latest Roaming Regulations around the world and we will uncover why Neelie Croes and Vivien readings ideas about increasing cross-border trade and communications have inspired many regulators around the world who have an aim to follow in the footsteps of the epic EU style Roaming Regulations and Roam Like at home.

The Evolution of Roaming Bill Shock and Silent Roaming

In this fifth episode, we review silent roaming and Bill shock from a global perspective and we uncover some of the key trends in how MNOs are changing what they do, to avoid further bill shock and silent roaming…

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