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ROCCO RADIO has several different programme types.

  • The Big Interview: Interviews with leading vendors
  • Eureka!: Innovation focussed podcasts
  • Well Connected: Interviews with industry celebrities
  • Mastermind: Industry leaders respond to unknown questions on hot topics
  • Newsdesk: Industry News and debate
  • Chalk Talk: Training Podcasts

ROCCO Radio was invited to Israel recently to talk to Nick Wennekers, Director of Product Management at TOMIA. In his interview Nick talks about his background, the changes that brought about Tomia and what Blockchain related projects they are working on which could revolutionise the Roaming industry.

On a recent trip to Australia I was lucky enough to meet Surlak Patel, a specialist consultant in Blockchain, DevOps, Cloud and Product Management. Surlak and I have recorded three separate podcasts for you, covering everything from the basics, right through to security, IoT, AI, and every step of the way there’s some innovative ideas about how Blockchain will be used by telecoms operators.