The Wholesale Roaming Procurement Guide is the culmination of years of research by ROCCO. The report has two main parts:

  1. Part One: Guide A guide on how to approach outsourcing in wholesale roaming, considerations, processes, and strategic models that ensure the outsourcing makes sense and the processes by which vendors may be considered. This section features the extensive advice and opinions of the ROCCO consulting team and it a useful took to anyone looking at sourcing a supplier for major wholesale roaming requirements.
  2. Part Two: Matrix A matrix of all the vendors in the industry who offer wholesale roaming services, what they offer, if they offer it alone or white label the solution.  While the guide does not consider pricing for suppliers products and services, it compares side by side their product and services offerings. The report is the most advanced detailed summary of this sector of wholesale roaming ever available in our sector.

The report may be used as a guide for operators and their suppliers and is produced as a gateway document to the extensive benchmarking research of ROCCO in assessing according to the opinions of MNOs wholesale roaming products and services. For this reason the report is part of the family of reports offered by ROCCO and only under the Executive membership package, and is not available for sale elsewhere.