This Strategic Analysis Report contains 80+ Pages of data on Innovation perceptions based on opinions from MNOs of the Top 50 Vendors in the Roaming, Messaging and Interconnect Market. Vendors were selected by MNOs, MNOs could talk about any Vendor they wanted. MNOs rated the Vendor and if we received over 5 responses on a Vendor we included them in this report.

  • Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the MNO’s for free)
    • Highlights from the Report
    • Vendor Ranking
  • The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:
    • Vendor by Vendor analysis
    • Their Innovation levels, attributes as featured in the new Innovation Hives.
  • KPIs
    • They want to Innovate the Industry
    • They inspire you with their ideas
    • They exploit Innovation opportunities
    • They are open minded
    • They think proactively
    • They would risk the success of their current products and services to Innovate
    • They Invest in research and development
    • They sometimes fail in their innovations but they keep challenging themselves
    • They help to develop new standards and processes for the industry
    • They challenge the standards in the industry, in favour of improving the situation for MNO’s
    • They Innovate their business to support specific client needs
    • They have original ideas
    • Their products don’t normally have defects or complaints
    • They care about making products which reduce costs
    • They care about making products which increase quality for MNO’s
    • They care about making products that create efficiency gains for MNO’s
    • Their products evolve every year
    • You are excited about new products being launched by this company
  • Conclusions

UK Companies are subject to V.A.T. Paid at the Standard Rates.

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