We do not offer discounts on the 21 Report, however the The 21 Report is free with a ROCCO+ Subscription or counts as 3 report points for ROCCO Report points customers. 

The 21 Report summarises 2020 and takes on the challenge of 2021 based on the best insights from ROCCO Research’s reports, ROCCO Strategy’s consulting work and ROCCO U training trends. 

The report compromises the following sections:

Executive Summary

  • Introduction and objective of the report
  • Executive Summary
    • 2020 Evaluation
    • Key Insights
    • Overview what to expect from 2021

 Strategic Analysis

Part One: 2020 Review

  • Top Telecoms Trends of 2020: What were the top trends for 2020 and how did they play out – Blockchain, eSIM, 5G
  • Messaging Trends – CpaaS, RCS and A2P SMS Insights
  • Wholesale Roaming Trends – VoLTE, 5G Insights
  • Fraud and Security Trends – Firewalls, SIM BOX, IRSF.
  • Traffic review: The Wholesale Roaming and Messaging traffic estimates and how they changed from 2019.
  • Admiration Quads (The best Vendors in each category presented in 3 specific quadrants (Success, Leadership, Contribution) based on the last research report ROCCO has conducted on each topic. 
    • Innovation (The Innovators),
    • Messaging (A2P SMS, RCS),
    • Wholesale Roaming (SoR, IPX, DCH, FCH, RMS), 
    • Fraud & Security (Signalling Firewall, SMS Firewall, IRSF, Sim Box)
  • ROCCO IOO: A review of the 25 most Influential people in our Industry according to the ~ROCCO 100 report 2020 and how they made a difference. 
  • ROCCO’s TOP TEN Vendors in 2020: based on all the results in the most recent Vendor Benchmarking research.

Part Two: 2021 Expectations

  • Lifelines: Product lifelines for Messaging, Wholesale Roaming and Fraud & Security which help MNOs and Vendors to identify
    • Where to invest
    • Where is their revenue still to be made
    • Where should I be developing skills and R&D
  • What’s happening in 2021: Industry trends and potential outcomes
  • Challenges and Opportunities in 2021: SWOT analysis for the industry
  • Industry comparisons: What’s trends do we see in other industries, which may cross over to ours. 

The 21 Report is available to buy in a Single Use License only and is free for ROCCO+ Subscription customers and IO Association Members.