This Strategic Analysis Report contains 300+ Pages of Market Intelligence into 13 leading vendors in the market.

The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:

300+ Pages of data related to Signalling Firewall
Interviews with 13 Vendors
Simple to view infographics which explain and contrast the opinions of Vendors


The Executive Summary: Contents, About the Authors, Introduction, Objective, Methodology, Abbreviations and Acronyms , Executive Summary, About the Executive Summary, Background, The Participating Vendors, What does a Signalling Firewall deliver, Signalling Firewall: what Vendors say MNOs need to know, Vendors’ vision about the future of Signalling Firewall, Regional trends in the Signalling Firewall demand

Vendors: Signalling Firewall Vendors, Ownership structure and when they were founded, Their Revenues, Their Mission, Their Business Focus, Product offerings, Vendor’s SS7/Signalling offer, Their Future Focus for Product Offerings, Their Customers (SMS Firewall and Signalling Firewall), Their Headquarters, Office Locations, Their Employment Strategy

Service Specifics: What Signalling Protocols, SS7 Firewall and Diameter Firewall, Is SMS Firewall part of the SS7 Firewall?, Protection against Signalling vulnerabilities, SS7 and diameter attack types, How do Vendors protect against geo location tracking and frauds, How do Vendors protect against interception and TMSI to IMSI translation, How do Vendors protect against DOS denial of service, DOS flooding attacks, How do Vendors protect against extraction of authentication vectors, Compliance with GSMA standards, Signalling solutions for the International Roaming Hubs, International Networks Extensions (BA.21) and Outbound, Roaming Solutions (BA.23), Active monitoring of existing installations, Should MNOs pay fines for Signalling attacks?, Signalling Firewall with stateful inspection, Scalability of the Signalling Firewall solution, Contextual Awareness of the Signalling Firewall solution, Near-Real Time Analysis, The Signalling Firewall Integration into the Signalling Network, Integration Models, Deployment into the Operator’s Signalling Network, In-line deployment, firewall on a stick, Opcode routing, Support for TDM and SIGTRAN, Support for ITU-T and ANSI specifications, Signalling Firewall deployment strategy: Vendors further comments, Interactions with the Operator’s Network, User independence in the configuration, How Vendors speak about their Signalling Firewall Solution, The Vendors and their Unique Value Proposition, Signalling Firewall Virtualization, Benefits of firewall Virtualization, Vendors view on Pros and Cons of a Virtualised Signalling Firewall Solution, Vendor’s support to Signalling Firewall Virtualization, Signalling Firewall in the IPX provider’s network, Virtualization: shared infrastructure and service chaining, Vendors’ view and strategy about Signalling Firewall virtualization, Network security auditing, Port Opening and Black Box Audits, Audit Services for LTE, The key features and benefits of the network security scanner, Vendors’ further comments, Reporting and analysis of historical trends, Dashboards and visualisation tools, Type of reports, user-defined alerts and metrics, Vendors further comments, Signalling Security Consulting as a service, Signalling Firewall: what Vendors say MNOs need to know, Vendors’ Regional Vision and Overall Predictions for the Future Vendor’s Predictions for the Future, Vendor’s Regional Vision

Annex A: Directory of Signalling Firewall Vendors
Annex B: All Vendor Interviews: Anam Technologies, BICS, Cellusys, Computaris International, Enghouse Networks, Evolved Intelligence, HAUD Systems, Mobileum, NetNumber, Orange International Carriers, Openmind Networks, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Symsoft.

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