Roaming Outsource Masterclass: 2 days of Training, Strategic Data, Activity and Consultation in the specific area of Outsourcing of International Roaming based on our detailed research into this area

Suitable for: Roaming Managers, Roaming Directors, Roaming Strategists


  • Learn about all the Strategic factors around Outsourcing for Roaming, how to work with and deal with a Roaming Vendors and how to select them
  • How to deal with different types of factors with regard to Outsourcing
  • What should your RFP look like for each specific type of Vendor
  • Important Strategic steps: Considering how to approach Vendors, what Roaming Outsourced Platforms are available for Roaming and what do they do?
  • All Types of Roaming challenges identified by Operators in our recent Research
  • Dealing with Wholesale Roaming Cost & Outsourcing.
  • Full of useful sources of Strategic Data on
    • Data Clearing Houses
    • Financial Clearing Houses
    • Dual /Multi Imsi Providers / Network Extension Vendors
    • Steering of Roaming Providers
    • Roaming Internet of Things Platform Vendors
    • Roaming Quality of Service Testing providers
    • IPX and GRX
    • Roaming Management Systems
    • SIM Box detection
    • Fraud Vendors
    • A2P SMS Aggregators
    • SMS and SS7 Firewall Vendors
  • Never before will you find in our industry such a complete educational package for Roaming Outsourcing


  • Presented by active Roaming Strategists with specific recent experience
  • Presenters who have 20 years+ experience in Roaming
  • Who consult and help design Roaming strategy for tier 1 Operators globally
  • The Masterclass uses slides but also diagrams, interactive materials, role-pay, activities and Hothouse methodology to make content understood
  • ROCCO Certification in Roaming Strategy is offered and is optional: including assessment, Certification of course completion and grading


  • Training: Delegates for the three days pay £2,680.00. Includes registration fee.
  • Certification Optional: £700.00.
  • Course materials are provided for free.
  • Refreshments and lunch are included.
  • Hotel and Flights to San Francisco are at the delegates own expense. ROCCO can offer recommendations for Hotels we have good experience with.
  • Pay online or by invoice minimum 30 days in advance of the training start day.

We cannot guarantee availability. Maximum 15 delegates admitted.