This report is available from 19th January and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic insights on Roaming Consumer eSIM. It has 32 pages.

This report provides the opinions of 107 MNOs on the status of eSIM for the roaming consumer. The aim of this report is to give all MNOs and other interested parties an understanding of the current strategic opinions and an estimated timeline for the roll-out of eSIM services. Information on MNOs’ strategic plans for eSIM was collected from key roaming executives from 107 MNOs in 92 countries. The data was captured in October and November of 2017.

This report also reviews input from various MNO sources to summarize the evolution of eSIM.

The Report Contents with page numbers: 

About the Authors 4
Introduction 5
The Objective of this Report 6
Executive Summary 6
Consumer eSIM Approaches 6
The Short Story of eSIM 8
The eSIM Timeline 10
MNO Participation in this Survey 12
Consumer eSIM Positive or Negative 13
Strategic Analysis 15
Is eSIM an Opportunity or Threat for MNOs? 15
MNO Views 17
How many SIMs are eSIMs? 17
eSIM percentages from Internet of Things and Consumer 19
IoT eSIM Rollout 20
Consumer eSIM Rollout Device types 21
eSIM Devices 22
Vendors types that will utilise Consumer eSIM 23
Regions were Consumer eSIM is expected to be popular 24
International Roaming Scenarios 25
eSIM for Roaming 25
Inbound Roaming 26
Outbound Roaming 27
Timeline for Support for Roaming Scenarios 28
Domestication of Roaming Subscribers with eSIM 29
MNOs Investment in eSIM (non financial) 31
Notes on Our Report 32
Eligibility for taking part in this report 32
Your Feedback, Our Future Reports 32