This report is available from 24th November 2022 and contains a thorough discussion of strategic aspects related to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Roaming. This publication is a perfect guide for Roaming teams for refining and/or implementing their M2M Roaming strategy. The Strategic Analysis version of this report contains feedback from 174 MNOs across 103 countries and contains 40+ Pages of data.

Considering that M2M Roaming is a topic that is gaining momentum, among others, the following questions are answered in this report:


  • What percentage of total Wholesale Roaming revenues will M2M Roaming represent in the upcoming years?
  • What does the average M2M Roaming team look like?
  • In which areas do MNOs expect support from their Roaming partners?
  • How do operators define Permanent Roaming, and which are their major concerns related to it?
  • Which IoT platforms have the best perception according to MNOs?
  • What methods do MNOs implement to support M2M transparency?


There is nearly consensus that M2M Roaming represents an emerging opportunity for mobile operators. If you want to be ready to face the challenges and profit from the opportunities derived from M2M Roaming this report provides proper advice from fellow MNOs.


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