This report is available from 25th October 2016 and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic advice on IPX and their Big Data Offerings

This Strategic Analysis Report has been created based on interviews with 9 International IPX Network Vendors and contains 200+ Pages of data

Executive Summary 

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Methodology
  • Background
  • Some basic concepts of IPX and Big Data
  • ROCCO’s Objective
  • The participating IPX Providers
  • Executive Summary
  • The IPX Market and its Evolution
  • The IPX Networks Geographic Coverage
  • The IPX Providers Customers segmentation
  • The IPX Providers and their IPX Peering Strategy
  • Quality of Service and supported Class of Service
  • The IPX Service Level Agreements
  • IPX Monitoring and Reporting
  • Big Data analytics and Mobile Roaming

The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:

  • IPX Market Intelligence and Evolution
  • The status of IPX adoption: drivers, inhibitors, challenges
  • The IPX Providers strategy for service evolution and differentiation
  • Major changes and services driven by the 5G introduction
  • The IPX Providers Networks
  • The IPX Networks: Geographic Coverage and Equipment Vendors
  • IPX and IPSec
  • The IPX Providers Services
  • IPX services today and in the next short-term
  • Connectivity options and support for IPv6
  • The IPX Providers Customers
  • IPX Customers per Service
  • IPX Customers type
  • The LTE Roaming reach
  • The IPX Providers and their IPX Peering Strategy
  • IPX Quality of Service
  • IPX services mapping to VLANs
  • QoS and supported CoS
  • Traffic routing and DSCP marking
  • Compliance with the GSMA
  • The IPX Service Level Agreements
  • SLA for IPX Access and Transport
  • SLA for the IPX-based services
  • End-to-End QoS guarantee
  • Customer Portal
  • IPX Monitoring and Reporting
  • IPX Network monitoring and reporting
  • GRX Looking Glass
  • LTE Roaming monitoring and reporting
  • Further insights into the monitoring and reporting solutions
  • In-house development vs white label
  • The value proposition of the LTE Roaming monitoring and reporting service
  • Big Data analytics and Mobile Roaming
  • Insights into Big Data analytics market: the IPX Providers view
  • Big Data analytics as solution to the mobile roaming problems
  • Big Data and the role of the IPX Provider
  • Big Data and value added services
  • The IPX Providers Big Data solutions: features and value proposition
  • The IPX Providers Big Data platforms underlying technology
  • In-house development vs white label
  • The participating IPX Providers
  • The IPX Providers and their Companies
  • Ownership Structure
  • When the Companies were Founded
  • Their Mission
  • Their Business Focus
  • Companies Top 3 Product Offerings
  • Future Focus of Product Offerings
  • Their Headquarters
  • Office Locations
  • Their employment strategy
  • Their Revenues

Annex A: The participating IPX Providers
Annex B: IPX Providers Directory
Annex C: The Interviews with the Participating IPX Providers

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