This report is available from 30th January and contains the latest Strategic insights from MNOs on IoT Security. It has 29 pages.

This report provides the opinions of 89 MNOs on IoT Security. In this report ROCCO wants to uncover by sincere and honest MNO feedback, what MNOs are seeing and doing about IoT Security. What advice if any they have for other MNOs and Vendors to prepare and to protect the industry from security breaches. We all know that IoT brings opportunities, but are those opportunities matched equally by the opportunities for hackers they present?

This report also reviews input from various MNO sources to summarize the evolution of eSIM.

The Report Contents with page numbers: 

About the Authors 4
Introduction 5
Executive Summary 6
Background 6
The Objectives of this Report 7
What is IoT Security? 8
MNO Participation in this Survey 10
Internet of Things Revenues now and by 2020 11
Active SIM Cards 12
Percentages of IoT Sims versus Consumer Sims 13
Expertise in IoT Security 14
Departments Responsible for IoT Security 15
Strategic Analysis 16
IOT Vertical Markets and their Security Risks 16
Security Risks known to MNOs as Connectivity providers 17
The Seriousness of the Security attacks 18
Signalling Security Risks 19
Where Signalling Security Attacks Originate from 20
Average Monthly Revenue per Connected IoT Device (ARPC) 22
Advanced Security Features as Standard 23
Willingness of Enterprises to invest in more Advanced Security 24
Charging Mechanisms for MNOs offering Advanced Security Features as VAS 26
IoT Security Awareness 27
Eligibility for taking part in this report 28
Your Feedback, Our Future Reports 28