This report is available from 19th October 2022 and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic advice on How Wholesale Roaming is delivered in 2022. This report is a perfect guide for Roaming teams on how to optimise their functions and what to consider to make the most efficient Wholesale Roaming Team based on the advice of over 100 Global MNOs.


This Strategic Analysis Report has been created based on interviews with MNOs and contains 80+ Pages of data.


Previous editions of this report were released in 2015 and 2019 and MNOs found it helpful for their Strategy refinement. Over the years, operators have faced several challenges in several areas of the Wholesale Roaming business. For instance, there are some processes from previous generations which generate a lot of inefficiency considering the current infrastructure scenario. Considering that many operators are currently renewing their infrastructure, this has put further pressure on the people behind the Wholesale Roaming team. Moreover, Roaming is starting to get back to its pre-COVID levels. As shown in ROCCO’s Wholesale Roaming Strategy Report 2020, traffic levels suffered a strong decline due to travel restrictions.


Given that there are high expectations due to infrastructure renewal, it is worth knowing how MNOs are preparing for the future. This is of particular importance, as negotiations and service openings will be based on optimising costs of course but also now about optimising quality. All these considerations and more are addressed in this unique report.


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