This Report contains 75+ Pages of Data into Market Pricing trends for Diameter Signalling Transactions December 2017 – April 2018

  • Executive Summary (as provided to the 65 Operators who took part in the Research)
  • The average, lowest and highest rates across regions of the world.  Based on the 65 Operators who were interviewed globally on their perspective on Diameter Signalling Transactions Pricing
    • Set-Up fees
    • Monthly fees
    • Volume Based fees
  • Charging Models
  • Comparison Analysis by Operator Type
  • Comparison Analysis by Region
  • Detailed Analysis of each factor in the pricing giving an overall view of cost
  • Bundling that occurred with other products
  • Strategic conclusions by ROCCO management team


Contents 2
About the Authors 5
Introduction 6
Methodology 7
Origin Of Respondents 7
Executive Summary 9
About The Executive Summary 9
Background On IPX 9
Signalling VLAN Set-Up: Set-Up Fee And Monthly Charge 11
Pricing Models Of Diameter Signalling Transactions 12
Monthly Recurring Charge 13
Monthly Fee With Threshold 14
Volume Based Fee Without Threshold 15
Per Active Roaming Partner Fee 15
Strategic Analysis 16
Signalling VLAN: Set-Up Fee And Configuration 16
Bandwidth Of The Signalling VLAN 16
Bandwidth Of The Signalling VLAN Per Operator Type 17
Set-Up Fee Across Regions And Operators 18
Price Ranges Of The Set-Up Fee 21
Signalling VLAN: Monthly Recurring Charge 22
Price Ranges Of The Monthly Recurring Charge 22
Monthly Recurring Charge Per Region and Operator Type 24
Diameter Signalling Service: Set-Up Fee 26
Charging Behaviour For The Diameter Signalling Set-Up Fee 26
Price Ranges Of The Diameter Signalling Set-Up Fee 29
Diameter Signalling Service: Pricing Models 30
Diameter Signalling Pricing Models Across Regions 33
Main trends 34
Diameter Signalling Pricing Models Across Types Of Operators 35
Main trends 36
Diameter Signalling Service: Monthly Recurring Charge Pricing 37
Monthly Recurring Charge Ranges Per Bandwidth, Regions, Operators Types 38
Monthly Recurring Charge With Limit On Transactions Per Second 39
Main Trends 40
Diameter Signalling Service: Monthly Fee With Threshold Pricing 41
Incoming/Outgoing Diameter Signalling Transactions And Thresholds 41
Incoming/Outgoing Transactions 41
Single/Multiple Thresholds 41
Single Threshold: Price Ranges Of Transactions Ranges Per Threshold, Regions, Operators Type 43
Multiple Thresholds: Price Ranges Of Transactions 45
Operator Type Comparison 47
Main Trends 48
Diameter Signalling Service: Volume Based Fee Without Threshold Pricing 49
Incoming/Outgoing Diameter Signalling Transactions 49
No Thresholds: Price Ranges Of Transactions Per Regions And Operators Type 51
Operator Type Comparison 54
Main Trends 54
Diameter Signalling Service: Per Active Roaming Partner Pricing 55
Region Of Service Delivery and DRA 56
Diameter Signalling Transactions Reporting Service 57
Service Use Among Operators 57
Annual Cost Of The Reporting Service 60
Contract Duration and Service Activation 62
Contract Duration 62
Commencement of fees 63
Dependence On Inflation In The Retail Pricing Index (RPI) 64
Price fluctuations Depending Upon Price Index 65
Diameter Transactions Price Evolution 66
Services Bundling Options With Diameter Signalling 68
Services In Bundle 69
Price Discount Received With Bundle 71
Annexes 72
Data Sheets – Split per Regions And Operators Type 72


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