This Strategic Analysis Report contains 100+ Pages of Market Intelligence into 12 leading Vendors in the market: 2600Hz, GMS, Intelepeer, Infobip, Imi Mobile, Kaleyra, Mitto, M-Gage, Route Mobile, Sinch, Syniverse, Tata Communications

  • Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the Operators and Vendors for free, add yourself to our mailing list or contact us for this)
    • Executive Summary of findings from the report
    • Strategic Analysis of the Vendors
    • Vendor Directory
  • Detailed overview of the market and the products
    • Strategic Analysis – The Vendors: Who are the Vendors, Ownership Structure, When the Companies were Founded, Their Mission, Their Business Focus, Product Offerings, Their Future Focus for Product Offerings, Their Customers (general overview not Customer Lists), Their Headquarters, Office Locations, Their Employment Strategy, Their Revenues
    • Strategic Analysis – Service Specifics: Covid impacts, Messaging Vendor Types, Their Value Added Services, Their Percentage of the Business, Their Transacting Currencies, Pricing Models, Number of SMS Which are Routed, Use of Aggregators, Working with MNO Groups, Working with SMS Hubs, Working with OTT Players, Plans and Strategy for the Future, Future Predictions
    • Full Interviews with all the Vendors on their products and their outlook on the market: 
      • Annex A: Directory of Vendors
      • Annex B: Vendor Interviews
  • What Operators need to think about
  • The future, where the market is going, what new developments are needed
  • Strategic summary by ROCCO management team

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