This report is available from 14th February 2024 and contains a thorough discussion of artificial intelligence and telecom solutions based on this technology. The Strategic Analysis version of this report contains insights from 2600Hz, afina, Cequens, COMVIVA, GMS, LANCK Telecom, Mobileum, Monty Mobile, SecurityGen and Sinch.

Considering the increasing relevance of AI, this publication addresses key questions such as:

  • What types of AI-based solutions are vendors offering?
  • What are the benefits of these solutions for customers?
  • What measures are vendors taking to ensure privacy compliance and minimise bias in their AI models?
  • What are the key regional trends and how are they impacting the development of AI solutions in the telecom industry?
  • What recommendations or insights do vendors have for MNOs to take full advantage of AI?


This report is a comprehensive guide for mobile operators who want to be better informed about AI solutions and which vendors are pushing the boundaries in this area. This publication can also help vendors better understand what their competitors have contributed to AI development and assess potential areas of synergy to drive innovation.