The Strategic Analysis version contains 100+ pages of analysis of the main providers in the A2P SMS market from an enterprise perspective.

The Executive Summary contains:

  • Enterprises’ opinions on the key challenges and future of A2P SMS
  • Tier Vendor listing

Strategic Analysis contains:

General Ratings and Brand Awareness for the following vendors: AMD Telecom, BICS, GMS, Greenads Global, HGC Global Communications, Infobip, LANCK Telecom, M-STAT, Messagebird, Mitto, Monty Mobile, Orange International Carriers, Route Mobile, Sinch, Syniverse, Tanla, TATA Communications, Twilio, Tyntec, Vonage

  • A detailed Comparison of over 30 Leadership and Performance KPIs (defined by MNOs) on these specific vendors that received ratings from 5 different operators: GMS, Greenads Global, Infobip, Monty Mobile, Route Mobile, Sinch and Tyntec.
  • Changing Vendor (Enterprises indicate whether they are changing their vendor)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Conclusions Vendor by Vendor with operator quotes on their performance
  • Overall Leaderboard
  • Information about A2P SMS volumes from an enterprise perspective
  • Strategic Conclusions by ROCCO Research Team


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