We’re experts in the products available in our industry and some of our favourite questions to MNOs in our surveys is around how they think products can be improved and what they miss in the market.



There is nothing more powerful than a product idea which has come at the right time and that has behind it the right people to make and deliver that product in the market. However, few companies materialise their game-changing ideas and transform them into products that you can build a business around.

ROCCO assists in product design by blending our industry research, our own personal theories and what we have seen delivered ourselves to support you with product validation, brainstorming and go to market strategies.

Including ROCCO in your next product review is something you might never normally consider. How would ROCCO know about our specific business and the specific methodology in how we work? Well of course we wouldn’t. But we have always found that neutral, outside advice has supported product design and development tremendously. 

We have delivered over 50 Research projects on product design in our industry and we are extremely close to the ideas and feelings of many MNOs about products in the market today and what they would like to see next. 

Talk with us about how one of our team on your product review might be the game changer to help you materialise the best ever product you have brought to market.