ROCCO Research Annual Report “The 23 Report” is published.

As we know well from 2021 and 2022, risks can be mitigated and although some of us were lucky and some less fortunate, we’ve come through the last few years a little bit more prepared for anything that 2023 will throw at us.

If your company had been experimenting with Chat GPT, or CPaaS and in general transforming your business digitally, then chances are you had a running start to 2023. Post global pandemic you’re either in one of two camps, Covid changed almost everything or Covid changed nothing and we think we’re back in 2019. But the global pandemic has accelerated development of new technologies, innovations and innovative thinking but most of all it has given a re-birth to strategic thinking.

If you’re in Wholesale Roaming, Interconnect, Messaging or Fraud and Security 2023 has many possibilities. In the ROCCO Annual report you’re going to find a great overview of 2022 and predictions for the coming year which you can personally relate to.

Post Covid, refreshingly, strategic thinking and scenario planning has seen a revival.

At ROCCO we’ve been working non-stop on strategy all year and not only because we had reports and consulting to deliver, but because more than ever people recognise that support from external independent sources is important. There’s always so many prognoses this time of year but what we choose to work on and do as an industry in the coming year, will ripple further into the future than ever before, since from our current perspective there are many ways this can go.

At ROCCO, beyond delivering 14 research reports, developing our training platform (ROCCO U) and the Genesis event,  strategic consulting and research projects have accelerated for us in 2022. Mainly because as a company we hold a lot of data on MNO and Enterprise opinion and we follow closely the trends on what companies are doing. I can only really touch on the surface of what the report will cover here, but as expected we will have predictions for 2023. Throughout the 23 Report there’s a reassuring vision that our researchers have made, their bold forward looking ideas will benefit anyone who works in the Roaming, Messaging, Interconnect or Fraud & Security sectors. The 23 report will also feature our now widely used modelling techniques designed by ROCCO, such as ‘Lifelines” and “Admiration Quads (AQs)” which are based on all our research in 2022. We will be looking back at the last year and a little further, to uncover the leading vendor brands not only in a specific service but across multiple services.

So if you’re planning to review the year’s successes and vulnerabilities, or you have to present your expectations for 2023, consider how ROCCOs 23 Report could help you understand a specialist’s perspective. There’s much to inspire us as an industry and ROCCO will continue to champion the people, companies and big ideas driving the positive change in the world.

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