How we do our Research?

This is one of the questions that the ROCCO Research team frequently gets asked. Since its foundation in 2012, ROCCO has been conducting surveys to mobile operators worldwide.

Over the years, ROCCO has become a platform where mobile operators can share their views openly and anonymously. With a core foundation on Roaming, ROCCO also conducts surveys on Messaging, Interconnect or Fraud & Security. Moreover, we have recently introduced the 24/7/365 approach which allows MNOs to take part in our research whenever is convenient for them, without having to wait for a specific survey to be available. All surveys are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

ROCCO’s methodology is primarily based on neutrality, this has created a community of MNOs that back-to-back support our research. Since its foundation, ROCCO has published 180+ reports that not only cover the best telecom vendors or the leading innovations but also, focus on operator strategy regarding key topics such as 5G or Wholesale Roaming.

We reward MNOs’ participation by giving them a valuable piece of information: the Executive Summary of the Report they have contributed to.

If you want to support research that contributes to the transformation of our industry and puts neutrality in the first place, ROCCO is your choice.

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