The Results: Vendor Innovators 2022

Thanks to all the vendors who took part in our study. There were a number of really interesting solutions presented. It was the most amazing experience for the industry to have all of the vendors present their solutions live during Genesis 2022 in Malaga on the 17th May 2022 infront of Lions from Reliance Jio, MTN Globalconnect, AT&T and CNN Brazil. Some MNOs in the room told us with these presentations that it was a useful way to understand what they as operators should be considering.

The highlights were the feedback from the Lions on each solution, the deep questions on how the solutions were developed and their level of innovation. The Lions liked all the solutions and all explained how hard it was to judge the solutions. The Lions Den was held on the 2nd day of Genesis following the Symposium on the previous day. The Symposium served to explain the background to Cybersecurity (presented by Telefonica) CPaaS (presented by Twilio), Blockchain (presented by Tanla Platforms) all useful presentations to help us understand the Vendors Innovations.

Calculating the results based on the industry MNO survey (started in February 2022) and combining the results of the audience votes and the scores of the Lions it was a real pleasure to see finally the top 3 results and to award these vendors during the Visionaries Gala on 17th May 2022.

It’s with great pleasure that we present the results of the research. The below diagram presents the top 3 solutions. Congratulations to the Vendors in the top 3. It should be noted that all the solutions were very well received.