The largest scale research into Fraud Prevention & Security Solutions in the telecoms space.

The scope of this research.

Repeating the valuable research we have done in 2018. We’re building a directory to help MNOs and Vendors see the whole picture of who the Vendors are in the community and what they do to prevent fraud.

In addition, no research of this kind would be complete without understanding the situation today, getting perspectives from vendors on what can help illuminate the fraud issues in the industry and eliminate them where at all possible.

In recent years we have completed a number of reports on SIM BOX Detection, IRSF Fraud etc. This research kicks off a more intense series of reports we will be conducting on fraud prevention solutions of all kinds and the vendors who offer them.

Please note: no industry sensitive information is going to be presented in this report. 

Why is ROCCO doing this

ROCCO is a trusted source of original, non-sponsored and neutral data for the past 9 years. 500 MNOs and over 180 Vendors participate in our research annually. Having reported extensively on Messaging, IPX, and Roaming, many MNOs have asked us to conduct fraud research for a number of years. They want to understand what solutions are available and who is offering them, all vendors large and small are welcome to participate. You can imagine, not all vendors are members of industry associations. We would like to understand how we can help to support everyone with relevant and actionable research.

If you’re a vendor and you want to take part in this research

  • Every Vendor who takes part completes a 70+ question online interview with us, telling us about their perspectives, products and services.
  • In return for their time the vendors will be listed in our Fraud Prevention & Security Vendor Directory.
  • There’s no charge for vendors to take part, thats not the point here, we want to create the fullest listing of vendors and what they offer to help MNOs get to the solutions faster and to be able to compare whats on offer and see for themselves which vendors they should target for more information and RFQ’s.
  • ROCCO will distribute an Executive Summary of the report containing the directory of all vendors to its contact database of 34,000 Contacts.
  • We will also create a longer Strategic Analysis version of the report to cover our costs of this research which will be for sale for Industry vendors and MNOs to purchase.

If you are interested to take part in this research, please contact us at to receive the survey. The deadline for participation is November 15th.