World Telemedia chosen for the DCB Awards 2021

The Leading DIRECT CARRIER BILLING VENDORs 2021 announced

ROCCO’s DCB Report in 2019 represented a unique opportunity for global MNOs to rate 25+ Vendors in an independent unsponsored and candid way. Our 2019 report provided unique insights about how DCB Vendors were performing as well as which were the main challenges associated with DCB from an mobile operator perspective. The ROCCO Research team is currently conducting a new DCB Vendor Benchmarking Survey for MNOs for 2021.

By taking this survey, it is possible to rate 30+ DCB Vendors on over 30 KPIs. This is a great chance to understand which are the main drivers behind choosing the right DCB partner and which vendors are performing the best according to MNO feedback. Every MNO who takes part will receive an Executive Summary Report once the survey concludes which will include the aggregated feedback of all Vendors who took part.

Don’t hesitate to share this link or this page with someone in your team who is interested in sharing important insights of DCB.

The ongoing DCB Vendor Benchmarking has been open for a few months and will close on September 21st 2021. ROCCO will reveal the Tier One vendors and the Number One vendor in an awards ceremony at the World Telemedia Platinum Sponsor Party on the 14th October in Marbella, Spain. The Tier One vendors will be presented with awards during the event, providing a great occasion to acknowledge the leaders in an area of strong growth.

World Telemedia is the best place to be for Advertisers, Merchants, Media and Content Owners who want to keep up to date with the latest developments in micropayment solutions and engagement tools. This event also represents a unique opportunity for both Mobile Operators and Vendors to get unique insights from industry experts all gathered in the same venue. Last but not least, it is also a great occasion to enjoy networking opportunities from Aggregators, Service Providers, Carriers, Network Operators, telcos, platform & technology providers, fraud prevention and Cyber security experts. Getting back to business has never been so easy. See you there.

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The DCB Report is available for purchase from 14th October 2021